Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics: Worth You Shipping it to Lebanon?

If you know me well, you will know that I am a makeup junkie. I spoil myself with some makeup every once and a while because I deserve it (we always need to motivate ourselves every now and then, right?) .

I waited for the hype to cool down a bit because I was not ready to go on the website and refresh the page and panic whether the product I want will be sold out or no- It felt like registering for classes and I did not want to live those moments again #NoThankYou.

I got myself a fair collection of Kylie lip kits, glosses and eyeliner.

1- Candy K
2- Posie K
3- Exposed
4- Mary Jo K
5- Leo
6- Like
7- Black Eyeliner

I Loved the lip contour, it has a great creamy texture and lasts really long! The perfect lip color to put in your micro bag and not worry about fixing your lips during the day/ night.
I noticed it though, when it comes to the matte lipstick, that their formula is not similar. I do not know what it is due for, but at times, the formula of the matte lipstiuck is amazing, you put a thin layer above the contour and the matte effect is perfect. Other times, the matte effect is a bit too dry on the lips and starts cracking after a while - which is not flattering at all if you ask me and completely annoying!

My ultimate favorite is Candy K- it is the perfect nude/ light pink that goes with all skin tones.

Candy K on the lips - 

The only annoying thing about online shopping for makeup is matching the products to your skin tone. For example, I got Exposed (A nude color) and even watched youtube videos of vloggers with darker skin than Kylie to see if it's nice but I totally forgot not I am not a beauty vlogger so the color looked awful on me haha! Had to pass it to a friend.. So yeah make sure you chose the colors wisely (or to hell with it, try them all till you're satisfied!).

Some people were asking me about the delivery.
I delivered everything to Lebanon and it took almost 10-15 days just as mentioned on the website.
Also, I did not incur any extra charges when I was delivered the package (Sometimes I order stuff and I pay almost 3/4 of the original price!).

Overall, is Kylie Cosmetics worth your money?
I do think so for the below factors;
1- More affordable than commercial brands
2- Good to Not Bad Quality compared to price
3- Great Colors that are trendy to match your stylish wardrobe

How about you? Have you tried any Kylie Cosmetics yet? If so, let me know what you think about them!

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