Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prints x Blocks

Hola Chicas!

I am back. I say this all the time on my blog. There were times where I had to stop blogging for a while and realize that I really impacted some readers out there to be pushed to continue what I am doing! I will also explain everything in a following post if you're interested:)

As some of you might know I am now a full time accountant (yes I don't even know what got me to blogging haha!) and I am always rocking a corporate look. I had to upgrade my wardrobe and put at the top of the pile my suit pants and forget a little bit about ripped jeans. When it comes to weekends, I find it interesting to mix up my corporate pieces with some casual pieces! Here's an example, which doesn't really show the complete opposite - corporate casual- pieces coming together, but is nonetheless a trial! I am Loving prints this season, and blocking colors just like this skirt. I went a little crazy and combined both trends creating a cool look I like to suppose.

The awesome thing I want to mention in this post is the choice of brands to go to when shopping. And I think this interests every girl that likes to keep a unique look. Try to find a shop that has cool stuff and that is not a go to store. Don't tell me you want to end up wearing a very trendy piece from a known store and end up wearing it with 1,00,829 other girl in town like ZARA or HM. This shirt is from Splash, a brand that is available at Centre Point in City Centre. If you go into the shop you'd directly step out and think okay, nothing is cool around here! In fact, this brand has really nice pieces. I do admit, sometimes they're awful; I'd say I'd buy 30% of their whole collection. And what's awesome is that no one will actually be wearing the same shirt trying to look oh so trendy buying stuff from retail stores ^^ #Genius

Those are VERY old ankle boots from Bershka. You can tell how deteriorated they are now. If anyone finds something similar, DO LET ME KNOW!

What I Wore

Shirt - Splash
Skirt - HM
Boots - Bershka
Bag - Lancel

Do you have a specific not so famous shop you like to go to for unique pieces? Let me know!! 

Also let me know what you think of this look:) 


  1. I like! That skirt is so awesome :D

  2. Hey! You're looking fierce, love that skirt and cute booties!

    X Diana

  3. Well I have go say, your Non trendy clothes searching has paid off I am the same like you, I'd prefer unique pieces over the generic styles everyones wearing! :-) Love your outfit girl those Boots & that Skirt / Jumper Combo is Awesome!
    Serene xoxo