Monday, October 6, 2014

OOTD :: Air Maxed

I'm obssessed with Nike, okay? okay. I have this huge Love for this sports brand as it's my favorite. With all respect to all other brands, I like this one a lot because of its clean and simple yet empowering and chic looks.

The Nike casuals are a hit for me. I remember since forever, before the school starts, our parents used to take us "school shopping". One of those "Back to School" hauls was for sportswear. And every year for 10 years ( or maybe a little less), I used to fight with mom over the budget because I wanted to buy Nike casuals and not any other running shoes. Mom would be like "but Leen, you need running shoes and you cannot buy two shoes! Pick one!" And I'd be like I WANT THOSE!!! (The casuals of course).

I spent my P.E hours getting yelled at by my coach because I wouldn't wear appropriate shoes.

ANYWAY, here's one of my outfit of the day posts. You can see clearly how I merge the casual with the smart chic. The corporate look has to be present as well; blazers for the win!

I want more Air Max shoes by the way. But they are so damn expensive in Lebanon it's sad.

Lemme know what you think about this outfit! 

What I wore

Jeans - Zara 
Tee -  H&M
Blazer  - GS Stores
Bag - GS Stores
Shoes - Nike Air Max 
Sunnies - Spektre Glasses 

What's YOUR favorite sports brand?


  1. I want to buy a similar sneakers!! ;))))


    1. They are AWESOME!

      The collection they have is amazing<3<3 Let me know what you get!

  2. Awesome outfit!!
    The shoes are perfect!
    And I love the blazer
    Kisses from Spain