Monday, September 15, 2014

Farewell Light Colors

I am so ready for fall. I mean, aren't you? I can't wait to rock them dark colors, tights, oversized hoodies and enjoy my hot coffee without worrying about me sweating everytime I want to take a sip! Hence the post's title. I am saying goodbye to light colors (like those white pants), and pastels. I wore pastels a lot this season and I just Loved how they complement my skin tone.

I was once scrolling through my instagram feed and from one account to another (yes I do that sometimes if I am free, judge me!) and found out an account under the name of @nkbynourkays

I realized the girl behind this name went to my school and decided to contact her! Her story was awesome and I thought I'd share it with you.

Now you're wondering what does she do, and why is she mentioned here. Well ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you my collaboration with Nour Kays. Upon completing her master's degree, she didn't let go of her senior project and decided to proceed with it and bring it all the way to Lebanon, her home country. Basically, Nour is behind the recycled pouches I am wearing.

Nour collects plastic bags, sorts them then reuses them to make these beautiful pouches. Personally I believe the designs that she can come up with are magnificent; all the colors or the patterns on the bag just add up beautifully to make up this awesome piece.

I chose this pouch because it goes perfectly with two trends this season; pastel colors and flowers. It was all about the flower power and this pattern sums it up! I matched the pouch's flower color with this very simple navy top and my navy superga. What do you think of this simple outfit? 

These pouches are made in three sizes, this one is the biggest one; there is a medium one and a smaller one. Nour also designs beach bags which I think is also amazing! The medium or small bags can serve as your makeup bag, maybe your pencil case or just a way of putting your stuff away when you're travelling somewhere or just packing for a road trip!

Make sure you follow Nour Kays' designs on Instagram here and on Facebook, here

You can also find these awesome pouches at Metal and Wood, in Hamra.

Who said being ecologically cautious can't make you fashionable? Lemme know what you think! 

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  1. Girlie, your ensemble is On point!!! Love that bag :-) Eco Fashion is definitely a more efficient way forward for the world of Fashion :) More designers should endorse more eco friendly materials !!!