Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Winter Make Up Trends 14/15

For this week's face post, I am talking about the trends in makeup for this coming fall and winter. I have noticed that on some catwalks makeup experts are calling it the "Modern Makeup". It really sums up to one concept, a FRESH NATURAL GLOW. Highlighting your face is key to achieve this gorgeous look. 
The secret? One element at a time. You work on your face and then focus on one element whether the brows, the eyes or the lips. Do not try to work on two elements at the same time, you will lose it all! 

Mini hauls are kind of a routine for me (which I need to stop, I am working on that haha!) The star of this haul was the Rimmel beautiful dark lipstick inspired by the famous Heroine color from MAC. This one's called Cutting edge #120. For colors extreme like these, and more specifically seasonal, I look for drugstore products because I don't find it a good investment to buy a High-end product. Personally, I think that if I want to buy a high end product it must be a product that I'd use everyday like a good foundation or blush, especially that sometimes you might want to grant importance to the quality of the product you're putting on your face in order to prevent acne and other possible facial problems! But well lipstick is fine, I save up to 50% of the high-end product's price lol! Also got a cleansing butter from Body Shop and a new brush from their Bronze collection. I usually use this kind of brush for a mattifying powder for a good fix. 

NOW! Moving on to the real deal: this Face's post. I fix my face and put some Mascara. Mind you the highlighting of my cheeks which I personally Love in the picture below! (Lemme know what you think in the comments below). And then work on the element I want to accessorize my face with; the lips!

Do not hesitate to layer up your mascara for a bolder look! I personally didn't, to keep the eyes as natural as I could.

P.S: I have curly hair. But I once did a Keratin treatment so I lost the natural curls. I've been growing my hair for around two years now to get back to my natural curls; and I think I am on the right track haha! 

Lemme know what you think about today's face, and leave your comments below to show me your take on this Fall and Winter's Makeup trends!


  1. I love it! Check out "Media" by MAC, it's so gorgeous <3
    LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN can it be winter already?

  2. Hahhaha stop referring me to lipstick or I'll have to on another haul and search for the same color! not fun! I want winter so bad!! Also I miss you so much<3

    L, xo.