Sunday, August 10, 2014

How To: Clean Your Brushes Without Using Expensive Products

I have never thought that brushes can be very damaging to your skin. After several uses, your makeup brushes stack all the chemicals of your products, and bacteria along. So if you're cleaning your face everyday at night, but still wake up and use the same brushes; you're back to square zero! This is a DIY post on how to clean your brushes in an easy way, with products that will never be missed in any household(at least I hope!)

That's one batch I started with; check out that dirty blender!! I honestly don't know how I was using this on my face:/

1. Fill a Bowl with a little bit of water and add dish-washing detergent. If your brushes are organic, add some olive oil to keep this soft texture to it. Also, you can add some white vinegar for more disinfectant material.

2. Take one brush, dip it in the bowl then start turning it on the palm of your hand, you will see the color of your foundation/ eye-shadow/ any other product fall off. Keep on doing this till you do not see any color anymore. Your brush is then clean!

This picture is blurry :/

3. To dry your brushes: After this operation, the most important thing is to keep your brushes upside down; you don't want the water falling off on the wooden part of the brush and ruin it, or inside the brush on the metal part of it and ruin it as well. Here's the batch I showed you at first; all clean and ready to be put on the balcony to dry off^^

Another tip I have mentioned before; take a transparent nail color and dye the details of your brush so that they do not peel off.

Also dear readers; I have missed you! I have been away for like few weeks, and a lot has happened since! I am now a full-timer, working as an accountant (yeah not close to fashion blogging haha), and I have gained some weight:/ This week you will see the difference in my ootd posts. But hey, who cares, I will get back on track!!

What are you up to these days?

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