Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Black Dots and Pink

Polka dots can make or break your outfit. They give this retro vibe but they can totally look ugly if you're wearing too much polka dots. I had this shorts for years now so I went through my pictures to see if I had anything posted about this shorts and I did not! I decided to end this with this post right here ^^

Also, for change of scenery, I decided to go up to the roof and take some pictures. As Hind said, and this is strictly photography material "the light is better".

P.S: I need a strong scrub or a beauty routine for my ugly black knees:/ S.O.S!

What I Wore 

Crop Shirt- H&M
Shorts -  H&M
Ballerina- H&M
Bag- Balenciaga 
Sunnies- Pieces

How would You wear Polka Dots? 

Lemme know! 


  1. I love polka dots and in my current state of mind would opt for a simple belted polka dot dress! You look great btw!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    X Diana

    1. Thanks Diana<3 When you do so I demand pictures haha!


  2. I love dots! specially and small dosis, as you said too much could destroy the look, but this outfit is just perfect! I have the same problem as you on your knees but on my elbows!
    Fashion Avenue