Friday, June 27, 2014

Meet The Family

I know I have bombarded you with this collaboration with GS Stores, but this is the most important post of them all. As I mentioned in my first post of this week, this is the last week of my collaboration with the retail house. It has been really awesome working with them and I hope you liked what I picked out as outfits (you'll see them all one last time later in this post). What I want to talk about is the employees. Going back and forth every week to their store at ABC Ashrafieh made me realize how awesome is the GS family. After all, your employees is your best asset and I want to shed lights on specific ones I dealt with, making this collaboration a fun experience. I want to thank every one of you for being yourself, so fun, so cool. So join me in meeting the family!


He's the sexy muscled guy in the house. He's crazy about fitness and his looks! If you want to shop men's wear or even get your boii a nice little something; he's the guy you're looking for! (P.S: He is going to kill me when he sees this pictures, but it's okay! He didn't pose for me:?) Also, make sure you follow him on Instagram for a doze of shredded abs every day @khaledjali 


A sweetheart, Jean Pierre draws his own gowns and is passionate about fashion! He will put together a whole outfit in just few minutes! Make sure you ask for him in the store if you have doubts to what to pair with an item. 


She will help you at anytime with anything you need! A sweetheart indeed. She was the first person to help me in the store, Thanks Tima! She will seem first that she's serious, but she is a laughing machine!


You will see her running around everywhere, a sweetheart indeed! Funny and will help you at any time! Make sure you seek her help, she's fun to be around:)


He looks like the manager no? Serious yet he is very funny, and helpful too! I think, I am not sure, but he likes fashion, he will be in the men's section helping out customers making sure they get the best customer experience! Thank you Mohamad for all your help. I've also met the other manager, Nadine. With the same qualifications, she is a sweetheart too! 

Not to forget the whole Marketing team in the back office working hard everyday behind the scenes:) Thank you!

Here's a recap of the outfits I wore during the collaboration! You can check the archive for the whole posts.


  1. With this amazing team, I´m pretty sure you all have a great time together!!
    Fashion Avenue

  2. Lovely denim dress!

  3. Beautiful in all the looks, congrats :)