Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lose The Pumps

As I mentioned in my last post, this is my last week collaborating with GS Stores. For the second outfit of the week, I wanted to emphasize again on the sporty trend. One important item in my opinion is the shoes you're wearing because it can change ones whole look! So I say whatever you're wearing and you feel like it needs to be worn with heels; get rid of them! Switch them with some comfy loafers or even casual sports shoes (My favs are the Air Max from Nike, but that's not our discussion now O.o) Here, I am rocking a smart casual outfit, and I had this urge to wear them with wedges or even nice pumps. But I gave up to the sporty look and I wore those awesome loafers instead. Of course, I gotta have that corporate touch to my outfit (If you haven't noticed yet, I wear blazers all the time. Don't hate on me I come from a Business academic background! And those pants are really comfy and light; rocking another trend this season; going all tribal on you guys! I did not stop wearing this bag it's been a week now. Totally Loving its texture and colour. 

Oh did I mention that I am now on Lebanese Blogs? I am very happy to be back to blogging regularly and participating in the online community in Lebanon!  

What I wore

Tshirt -  Glamorous 
Blazer - Glamorous
Trousers - Springfield 
Shoes - Bronx Shoes
Bags - Anna Smith

Photo Credit: Hind Kammourieh

What is your take on the sporty trend? Let me know!

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  1. Top to toe cool! I tend to rock my black Nike's with skinny black pants, black blazer and tee.. X


    1. Like today you're rocking your black Nike;) Love the look! Thanks D<3

  2. Love slip on and necklace!!

  3. Very cute - love the patterned pants!!