Friday, June 20, 2014


Sales are now everywhere so I wanted to share with you this post to let you know some of my tricks of shopping the sales and actually getting something useful! If you know me, you'd know that I Love sales! It's actually the peek of shops' performance (other than christmas maybe). You have two kinds of shoppers (or at least that's how i see it); the ones that are very patient, you see them checking out every corner of a shop and trying out stuff carefully; these people don't mind getting down and dirty within the mess that's in a shop. On the other hand, there are some people that just cannot handle the piles of clothes and the people and the whole " sale rush ". They cannot make up their mind unless the pieces are perfectly put in place and not just thrown as stacks. Well, this post may be directed to the second type of shoppers, but that does not necessarily mean it is not helpful for the first type. Shall we start?

1. Check your wardrobe before going out

Sometimes we tend to forget what's inside our closet, so check for items that can be replaced or even items that you don't want to end up duplicating. I personally check the colours I have and the basics. I don't want to end up with the same colours (although sometimes I end with like 7 black pieces). As for the basics, you'd want to check for these; you wear them all the time under a denim chemise or a statement jacket, or even with a statement necklace. They're on sale, so why not benefit from that!

2. Make a list of what wish to have

Now that you've checked what's in your wardrobe, check what's missing and you'd like to have! Some bloggers like my favourite friend Aline from Nouchaline have a wishlist and a favourite column in their blog. This is actually very helpful to help you narrow down your search while in shops. You don't have to write a post, but you just can screenshot whatever instagram picture you like featuring a nice item you'd want to own or even write a small note with what you saw and where so you could remember where to look during the sales (write it down, because trust me you will forget it!)

3. Truth be told: You need to get down and dirty!

As silly as this may sound, you're going to have to go through those piles to get what you want. Actually, my favourite or most worn pieces I have were found at the end of the pile. (Usually because someone might have kept it inside intentionally thinking that he would find it again when he comes back maybe because he was low on cash or something, or just because it was too expensive and people started stacking other items less expensive but by the time you find it, its price goes down!). If you're one of those non-patient shoppers, try getting a friend with you; the experience will be much more fun (but make sure your friend is the patient type or you're back to square one!)

4. Fix a budget

It becomes psychological and I had to talk about it! You need to keep in mind that shops want to create this need that you probably didn't even know about! So set a budget for yourself, because let's admit it, we all fall for this trick where we come back home thinking "Haha, I bought 4 items instead of only one" but you actually paid a little bit more for these 4 combined. I never actually came back home without spending more than I thought I would. That's why now I set a budget for myself and am content with the outcome (I still buy the items I want while keeping my wallet even happier!)

5. Try to match the new items with clothes you already have

At the store, if you like something, try to visualise a whole look that goes with it. You don't want to buy an item that will not match anything you have in your wardrobe! You will either not wear it, or have to buy something that matches it. Which is in this case not suitable for you or your wallet, so try to avoid it!

6. TIME is key

The perfect scenario goes like this: you go into a shop wanting to get that perfect top you wanted for so long and that is on sale. The bummer? NO SIZES! Well timing is key in that case and you'll have to analyse the shoppers in two other different ways ( that's a lot of analysis for shopping i just realised). You have the people that will get the item when it first goes on sale (usually starting off with 25- 30%) or the others that wait till the 70% or more. So obviously, you'd want to be somewhere in between. Keeping an eye on the item can be a good but annoying and risky strategy. My take? Check number 7.

7. Get to know better the employees

Just like in any business, they tell to get to know the secretary or in an organisation the janitor. They practically know EVERYTHING! Be their friend and you'll get the dirtiest secrets! In our case here, be friends with the employees, they'll tell you when is the sale and for how much, or even advise you to wait for a week because they're getting new items that are still in stocks! I had once a dress that I totally adored, and I wanted to get so bad but it was still too expensive, I was advised to wait for 2 days. I come back after 2 days (risking it of course) but getting the dress in less that half its price ( &I'm not complaining!).

What's your strategy in shopping the sale? Share your thoughts down below:)  


  1. Great tips! I used to sometimes come home with things only to find that I had something identical at home...

  2. great ideas, I will take them into account when sales shopping time comes. xx
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  3. thanks for this tips...amazing.
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  4. i def need to take tip #1 I always end up with like 3 of the same style shirt!!! lol.. great tips.

  5. Great tips! I followed you on Google+, Bloglovin and FB, please follow back! :)
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  7. Great ideas!!!!

  8. Great tips!

  9. Great tips!!! you´re more than right!! depending of the day I can be first type or second lol.
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  11. Great tips for go shopping on sales. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I love the tips, they're all great! ;) Most of the time when I go out for shopping I know exactly what I need, makes it easier too, haha