Thursday, May 22, 2014

DIY: A Chic 5 Mins Updo

This DIY will save you on days when you stay late at night in the office but have a night out with your friends afterwards. It will style up your look and give you this chic attitude you need for some wanted attention;) Ok so let's start.

What you need:

Bobby Pins.
Yeah that's about it!

You start off by taking your hair back to a low pony tail

 Then roll your tips upwards around your hand

This will look something like that

Keep rolling your hair inward to get the desired look and secure your hair with bobby pins; I chose to keep it a little messy like this. When you first try this, you might use A LOT of bobby pins but once you do it several times, trust me you will notice how good you become (at least that was my case)

For a slight variation, add a nice headband; I chose flower power!

Oh and by the way, check out my bobby pin paradise here! Sweet huh?


  1. I do the tuck into the headband version, but that's usually best for shorter hair :P
    Great post tabzzi!

    1. haha this is so true the headband version for long hair could get way too messy!

      thank you Love:)