Friday, May 30, 2014

Affordable Chic

I've been roaming around the shops to find an outfit that is both stylish and affordable. I mean every time I put my hands on a jeans and look at the price tag; it's a minimum of 100,000 L.L. (around 67$) For tops, the simplest are for 50,000L.L (30$) minimum and the more you have accessories in it and a different cut that a simple Tee, the more it gets expensive. I chose the stores I'd never walk in to, and check out their prices. BAM, we have a winner with this pair of stylish boyfriend jeans and this simple but accessorized t-shirt. I recommend the jeans because its texture is so light; very summer appropriate. The T-shirt is colorful and has accessories in. If you know me I like to keep it simple, so I didn't need to add any necklace or what not to add a statement to the outfit. You can wear heels or even sneakers with this kinda outfit! I pulled my hair up for a messy bun, put some red lipstick and I was ready for a day in the city.
(Check the prices down below)

What I wore

T-shirt - Springfield  39,000 L.L. (26 $)
Boyfriend - Springfield 79,000 L.L (52 $)
Heels - Very old I don't even remember!

You can find these at GS stores or Springfield the store.

Photo Credit: Hind Kammourieh
And my Best Friend Nour Rifai for the awesome pop-ish wall at her place


  1. Less is more... and this amazing look is the perfect example. Love it.
    Fashion Avenue

    1. So true Adriana thank you!

      Besos, L.

  2. Great finds, I love the details on the top! ;)
    Thanks for stopping by! xo

    1. Thank you Marija and I think I will be stopping by more often haha;)

      L, xo.

  3. Love the simple elegance of this look! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. The top is nice!