Monday, December 30, 2013

TAGGED: Winter tags

So My favorite +Aline C. tags me in one of her posts in order to complete a certain questionnaire regarding winter. Here is my response!

1. Favorite Winter Nail Polish: 

Topless and Poor Li'l Rich Girl by Essie. Sometimes I pull off a black or a very dark blue. But I'm known to usually be pulling off the two nail polishes mentioned earlier.

2. Favorite Winter Lip Product: 

Definitely my deep red or plum lip liners from Sephora. I contour first my lips then fill them inside then spread the color using my chapstick from Body Shop.

3. Most Worn Winter Clothing Piece:

I have to say my H&M leather jacket. You can add it to any outfit and it always gives you the perfect look you were looking for! All hail leather jackets!

4. Most Worn Winter Accessory:

My scarves count, right? I am not really into accessories:/ I usually buy a lot, wear them five minutes then take them off! They annoy me! So scarves are the perfect accessory for me because they add a pop of color for example to a dull outfit, and they make me warm! So no way I am taking these off.

5. Favorite Winter Scent Candle:

I Love candles but I never really brought some. Now that I am in Dubai though, this shop called Bath &Body Works have those amazing candles from apple to cinnamon and amber, etc. This reminded me that I really need to buy a bunch before coming back to Beirut!

6. Favorite Winter Beverage:

My american coffee is always on top of the list, add to that red wine maybe. Some Irish Cream would do as well *.*

7. All time Favorite Christmas- Holiday movie:

If you know me well, you'd know that I am not a movie person. So, any enjoyable Christmas- holiday movie would do just fine!

8.  Favorite Christmas- Holiday Song: 

I need to confess here, I hate them all. They go in my head round and round because of all the shops and malls that put them on; it's frustrating I would say.

9. Favorite Holiday Food- Treat: 

Gotta say the Christmas Calendar with the chocolate inside; it makes me feel like a 5 year old ^. ^

10. What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year?

There was this girl I met at a nail bar's decoration; she had a big Christmas tree full of cupcakes and candies. You can't beat that!

11. What's at the top of your Christmas list?

Nothing specific compared to what I really got *.* Nouch you know what I am talking about!

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year? 

I am working in Dubai, also enjoying the weather to tan and go to the gym. ALSO, I can NOT wait for Dubai's shopping festival. So wait for a cool blog post that showcases my items.

If you feel like sharing your response here, comment below! OR, if yo uhave already been tagged share your awesome blogs people:)

Hope everyone is having a good end of year; enjoy your vacations people,


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