Monday, October 14, 2013

Numéro 5

Winter is on its way and you're probably switching your wardrobe from your tiniest tanks to your biggest most coddled-up sweaters. I think most of you can relate to me when seasons change and you forget about the trendiest pieces you got and go all : "I have nothing to wear"! Well I certainly do that; all the time unfortunately. After looking up many fashion blogs and street styles, here are 5 things you must have in your wardrobe that just make up a perfect look for you to pull, anytime! If you got any of these (which I am sure you do) then you're doing a great job!

1- Leather Jacket: It adds this edgy look to any outfit, might pull it off with the simplest shirt and jeans to create this rock n' roll look!

2- Scarves, and lots of scarves!: If you wanna get all cozy with an outfit, add a scarf and you're all set up! You're looking good and you're warmer, I don't think there's a better balance here. 

3- Hats: Add a final statement to any outfit with a hat. Looking good!

3- Ankle Boots:  With a jeans or a dress, ankle boots are just super cool! Go for simple ones or add to your wardrobe a studded boots for more edge. 

4- Blazer: You do not need to be pulling a corporate look to wear a blazer. Get this masculine look with big shoulders or a more subtle look with a looser blazer to complete your outfit.  

5- Oversized Jacket/Coat: Oversized jackets and coats never screamed "Street Style" more louder. Do not hesitate and get a big coat or Jacket if you think it looks good on you. 

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