Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Runaways

Ok so we're all here familiar with we heart it, tumblr and pinterest. What I Love the most about those sites are those pictures that say; "Let's runaway" or "Take Me Away" with a background from the woods or whatever. Ever wondered if you could do that as well? Go to the woods and run away from the chaos you endure on a daily basis? My best friend Nour Rifai and I decided that we should have those road trips to places we would never even think about heading to. While surfing the websites cited above, we always used to say damn we have to try and do this one time. So yesterday, Nour calls me and goes like: "Hey we're going on a road trip and this time it's to Kadisha Valley". If you know me, you'd know that I Love spontaneous outings; I HATE someone calling me a week ahead telling me that we should meet let's set a date and a place etc. I absolutely hate that; if it happens it happens! Not to divert further from the main topic; The day we pack our stuff; and by my stuff I mean Food, and head to Kadisha Valley!

The road down to the valley

All you can see, right and left!

Camping spot?

Nour's awesome tattoo and her flower 

I'll leave everything and live here witchyu, yeah you!

Places like that in Lebanon need to be frequented and respected more. I think that people don't actually know about such places and if they did; they wouldn't waste 2 hours or so (from Beirut to the Valley) and go take a walk (more like hike) in this amazing site. 

First, the weather was amazing; sunny, yet not too hot. All you could hear is the sound of the water crushed down the rocks and the sound of birds chanting. Walking down the valley, you just get a feeling of what freedom means; everything green was free. Trees were twisting the way they wanted and flowers were opened wide up to the sky. Butterflies and birds flew around and covered the whole space because they could. And you walking there; you cannot not close your eyes and enjoy the sounds; smell the trees and touch the cold water. I used all of my senses to get a touch of nature's freedom because it is so free.

This below is by far my personal favorite. I look up and see those trees bending towards each other forming like some kind of tunnel for you to pass through.

P.S: I don't know if you notice but I'm a sucker for flowers. They're so small yet so detailed if you focus quite well. Next road trip? Heading South this time! 


  1. You wanna head South? Then I must take you all the way down to Maroun el ras.
    Cool pics!