Sunday, May 19, 2013

Take a break; Cheers!

All we hear that period is "Yeah, how much do you still have?" or "How are you doing so far?". Guess no more, it's finals' week at my college! The stress that we go through is just unbearable during that period. The information that we try and insert in our brains are just way too much! But hey, we still survive so it's all good, I won't whine about that. I decided to take a break and go out with some friends! I have 5 finals this semester, I'm done with 3 and I still have 2. I did fortunately well on my last ones, waiting for the grades to come out! *Fingers Crossed* 

The beautiful Nour Rifai!

JLP Band were awesome! In Love with the singer! Great Performance.

Oh haii Hijazi! 

One time for the West side?

Went all black with a simple white t-shirt on you guys. In Love with the leather vest.

Studded Creepers!

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