Monday, May 20, 2013

Press Esc to Exit

Here's the situation to consider for tonight's post:

I'm talking about your ex. You never had the chance to end your story, maybe face each other and talk about what happened to clear things and go in separate ways. A while later, you miss her/him. Something inside of you pushes you to tell her/him that.

A pretty description here of what merely happens with couples after their breakup. One thing that intrigues me about people is their definition of a relationship closure. What do you mean you want to face them and talk about what happened? If nothing was said it was probably done. I believe that your subconscious wants you to talk to them just because you miss the idea of them. You probably miss them because they left a gap in your life, but what you really want is a nice word in return and probably a "I miss you two" kind of talk. (Maybe mad sex? Don't push it sir/ma'am).

Don't convince yourself that you need a closure because you probably didn't look at it from a different perspective. Consider that you did text your ex and told them you miss them, are you ready for their response? What if it was so bad you fell all over again? If you personally can control the feedback you are going to get after saying that, do it. Do it and don't hesitate! If you think you can say that and run away, do it and don't hesitate! But if you sit there waiting if they read what you said, when they went online and if they're typing; you're in big trouble! Don't let anyone get into your head this way.

Press Esc and exit this maze you got building in your head!

How about you? What do you think should be done in such situations?

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