Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Got Ink?

This post is about tattoos. I wanna talk about this because I really don't know my stance regarding this topic; do I mind someone being inked or I'm cool with it?
It all started when my bestfriend (Nour Rifai) was talking to me one night thinking seriously about getting inked. We talked and surfed for pictures for hours! We drilled down those pictures to an anchor, an aztec themed tattoo or and a quote that says; "Stranger in a strange world."

So you'd think why am I probably against the idea. I don't even know if I should start talking about why I hate getting inked or why I Love it.

This is probably going to confuse you but hey, let's start. Tattoos that have a story behind them are really cool. I mean if you do something that is customized shows that you thought it through and makes the tattoo personal; which I respect. But how much do you want to remember? And why remember this person/incident or whatever ong your body; your brain ain't functioning properly homie? This issue goes back to ones personal values and beliefs. For me, probably two is enough, hey maybe three, ok one more won't hurt anyone (Isn't that case with everyone though? See my point?).

Also, the stupidity of people getting inked for their girls or boys is very common here. They hook up, they think they're in Love and tatt eachother's names. SERIOUSLY? I once witnessed a breakup of my friend, he had her first initial on his hand, he was so pissed that he took the cigarette out of his mouth and put it on his hand for the tattoo to burn lol. Point of this, we should be aware that this is a commitment that is more serious than being in a relationship with anyone; it's YOUR body! People tend to forget this implication for that they get more excited about the size, location, how would it look like before the process.

You're probably going to read this and say okay, this is not me! I'd never do that! But guess what, some do and maybe that is why I have some cons stuck in my head?

One last thing, if you know me, you'd know that I Love bodies. Yes yes, bodies. I believe that a body is a piece of art by itself. The way a body moves and the curves a body has is just beautiful. That's between brackets, but I would be more than happy to shoot a nude photoshoot for someone, or maybe be featured in one, lol. Something about how a person moves, uses and abuses his body that have always intrigued me. Moving from this point forward, do you usually mess with a piece of art? (probably to draw some moustache on it) I think that the body must stay sort of pure where nothing but skin wraps it.

Some of the, I think, beautiful tattoos;

My all time favorite tattoo; the gun!

A feather maybe?

Definitely something that has to do with music

If you wanna go all the way; a sleeve is sexy I think.

Bottom line, after that bla bla I still don't know if I would get tatted or not. Help?

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  1. Think about what it will look like 30 years from now. Bottom line, I can give you as many Malabar tattoos as you want, but don't get "inked".