Monday, January 7, 2013

What's your flavor?

Heyy Bloggers,

Who doesn't like to pamper himself is doing it wrong! Especially when it comes to cosmetics.. My favorite place would definitely be Sephora. This large shop not only has all the brands you could dream of, it holds its own cosmetics. I got this amazing gift from their new product line.

Who said only coffee drinkers could have on hand capsules? This cube on the right has 4 "walls" with each 4 capsules of a different flavor. They can vary from blueberry to vanilla to mango to chocolate and so on. You can imagine how yummy they are! 

Another set of a body shower and body lotion with a luffa "A La Chic Guimauve".

So.. What's your flavor? 
Thank you Sephora for this very cool package!

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