Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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These past few days, Lebanon has been through a crisis. A word very familiar with the Lebanese situation; but a crisis is a situation that would stop you from going through your daily routine. This said; kids were at home, parents as well stuck on the TV, people in the streets, cheering for I don’t know what cause and I don’t know what nation. Flags were everywhere and opinions thrown here and there. Did you imagine the scene already? This is at least what I’ve been observing these fast few days.
Now some of my friends were asking me why I wasn’t involved in sharing my thoughts regarding the situation when conversations were held, especially on media platforms, I told them that I didn’t really care. Not caring is something bad; and I shouldn’t be using that word because of course I do have a thought or two, but I didn’t want it to share it on the spot that brings me to why I am writing this post here.
To start with what I want to say, let’s start thinking about some concepts we should bear in mind. Shall we?
Culture. When any form of organization is formed, a specific culture tags along. Culture has many component factors; we’re talking heritage, traditions, religions, history, values, beliefs, language that are shared between the people. Someone who belongs to a culture shares and understands those values. This sense of belonging makes a culture even more strong and bonds start to be founded. Any business company let’s say has its own culture and the main reason of a success of an employee or his efficiency and effectiveness depends on how well he can understand and cope with his culture. That reminds me of the hashtag on twitter “ mannak lebnene eza..” or “ Lebanese sayings”. Now what I am saying infers directly that Lebanese has a culture; but what is that culture? I seriously don’t know where to classify ourselves. Do I want to show people how shallow we are? The plastic culture that is? Or the diversified culture that we have?
Nation. Another crucial concept. It involves land, people, boundaries, territory; all those words are associated with nation. How well do we preserve our nation and defend our territory? How far are we willing to go to preserve that piece of land we have? Are we Arabs? Or are we Lebanese? What are the values we are fighting for? Those are some questions relative that we need to keep in mind.
Civility. I won’t discuss that because we don’t have that here, search it in the dictionary. (Too judgmental? Maybe but we really don’t have that, just keep it in mind)
I’m not a political expert, nor am I curious about that field but those are questions we need to raise when thinking about the future of Lebanon. What we need is a fresh start. Lame huh? If you ask me I would say that is the lamest thing and the most cliché anyone could ever write. In other words, my fresh start is a war. A fucking war to blow everyone off so that people could fucking wake up and realize we cannot continue like that. Those two concepts I mentioned above cover partially if not mainly every political party’s goal in Lebanon. Defending Lebanon? We have people doing that. Promoting peace in Lebanon and a culture of “Education” and “Truth”? We have people claiming to do that. I won’t name any political party here but you get the point; nonetheless degrading them is the whole point.
People, what’s happening is bigger than us, bigger than those parties as well. You know it’s just human nature, they built some kind of ideology which they control and then just end up controlling them. Ideologies control us. We are driven by all those conceptual ideas stuck in mind and we defend them blindly, not re-questioning them every once in a while. We cannot determine when this problem started, but in that case, we know it will never end. It’s like that snow ball rolling down the mountain getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger…
Going back to my idea which sounds really crazy, we need war. Yes I am very optimistic lol but what could break that ever growing snow ball is something really powerful that would break it into pieces. That’s YOU. You are very powerful. Don’t underestimate what you can do. In the end I mean it’s your country and if you’re happy with that bureaucratic system we have then be my guest but most of us are not.
We need more flexibility, and less hierarchical organizations. Maybe stop mixing religion with politics? Is this our main concern in Lebanon? A civil state maybe? But can we do that? Or how can we do that? We need a shock in the system. Which brings me back to that war thing or shall I call it a revolution.
Call it whatever you want; we need change. Unmask yourself from any constraint that stops you from coping with the “other” in society. Do you have to deny that we are different? OFCOURSE NOT. Because in the end, you have your own small community and the “other” belongs to another small community. Nevertheless you both have to accept that you two communities belong to one culture (I’ll go with the diversified culture better than the plastic one lol).
Oh and P.S: Don’t be a hypocrite pelase (Lebanese speciality).Because as I last observed people claiming they are free thinkers are nothing but judgmental and full of streotypes people. Stand for your own beliefs yet in a civilized way.

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