Saturday, September 22, 2012

تحت أرزك يا لبنان

Some good music on blast, my head outta of the car just feeling the wind on my face and not worry about anything. Those were the words I told my Lovely Aunt before she blind folded me and took me on a "Road Trip" of her taste she said. We went to Beiteddine, and Arz El Shouf, visited Moussa Castle and The Cedars in Mou'asser. I think every once and a while people, Lebanese more specifically should turn off their TVs, forget about the news in the region and just breathe some good fresh air! Well, just at least for a while to fill up some good energy.  



All I was seeing! No traffic, no mothafuckas trespassing you, nothing.


Moussa castle. Amazing how one guy did all that by himself; he's still alive by the way. 

My favorite accessory; amazing to see how rings in the 18th century looked like, we still wear these.

Roll the record baby and let's dance the night away..

Going up from Arz, standing on top of a rock, you see Kar'oun Lake on the right, and Bekaa on the left, AMAZING.



Lamartine; the eldest of all cedars. Been here for 3,000 years.

Crazy Aunt, I Love her.