Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do it your way

Shoes says a lot about yourself. I think most of the girls would agree cause every time I ask a girl what does she look for when she firsts stares at a guy they all go like : HIS SHOES! And I believe that. I mean the shoes you are wearing may change your whole outfit or add a touch to it. If you're wearing an edgy outfit, and match a ballerina with it, it would smooth the whole thing up. As for me, I decided to customize one item of my closet that I wanna share with you. I made it edgier cause nowadays all you can find in my closet is studs, leggings, and glittery rock-ish kinda clothes.

So the first thing I did is went to a tailor's shop where I found these amazing studs. For this item, I used the silver ones.

Yes; I customized my converse ! Sit for like an hour or so putting those studs in place to give those old pair of converse more attitude. I rock them with some leather leggings, a shirt, a scarf, some accessories and I'm ready to go! What do you think? 

I'm going to use the stars on my denim jacket I'll let you know how it goes. I Love doing stuff my way, cause I do it however I want, and it doesn't cost me a thing! You should try it guys:) Tell me how it goes for you!

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