Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Polaroid is so cliché

Everyday, every hour that passes by, is an opportunity to shoot a great shot of something at the moment. Personally, I always have my camera ready set for an opportunity of a great shot. I'm not a pro or anything, but I Love photography, and I see beauty in everything. So I wanted to share with you some pictures while emptying my camera.

Photos are taken with my Nikon or  iPhone 4.

Speaking of iPhone and photography, I Love that application called instagram. Add me all on @leentabbara and in case you have an account, comment on this post and share with me your account.

Tell me what do you think about these shots:)

And for all college students; Good luck with your finals.


  1. You make great pictures .

    Juste Ryma

  2. Hello,

    January 30 is the anniversary of the blog I would be very happy if you can send me a photo of you who wish a happy birthday Just Ryma the following address:

    Thank you in advance and sorry for the delay

    just Ryma

  3. Hi @Rima :) Thank you for your compliment. However, I don't get the second comment so if you can contact me on twitter @LeenTabbara it would be better !