Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dépêche Mode: Redefining Happy Hours on their Own Scale !

Dépêche Mode has finally opened its new concept store called 6:05. This store redefines the concept of happy hour into a whole new one, having every weekend one hour starting at 6:05 pm an event such as fashion shows, meetings with designers and so on. I was invited to this opening with my Friend Nour; so let me show you a little bit what happened there. The people, the decor, the atmosphere everything was perfect and enlightening to a whole new future in fashion.

One cannot deny the attractive window of the shop

The clothes there are all designer's made, very fashionable and up-to date. All gender and age are not neglected; everyone is satisfied! You can find a section for men, women and even a very stylish section for teens to keep your kids up to date to the latest trends in fashion. 

Media coverage was indeed perfect and suitable for an event like this one

This is definitely my favorite; a studded ankle boot that could accessorize any outfit you are wearing !

The people there were truly a reflection of Lebanese most stylish bloggers and fashionistas.


Nour and the fashion blogger Lana El Sahely; Check out her blog y'all


At  6:05 pm today, we suddenly saw models going out of nowhere transforming the place into a small runway wearing the shop's exclusive clothing.

Music was adequate for such an event; thumbs up!

Taste the paste; Nutella !

The Marketing Manager, nailing her outfit for the night.

The store does not only include clothing, shoes and accessories, it also includes these very vintage kind of looking sunglasses, candies and chocolate and a wide variety of nail polish.

Don't forget to like Dépêche Mode's page on Facebook, and The New concept's store 6:05 !


  1. Very nice article. It really sumerizes this awesome event. Good job Dépêchemode and good job Lee, ma bloggeuse préférée :]
    It was a pleasure to attend this event with you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. It was a pleasure going with you we had a blast :)

  3. Great post ! Check out more pictures from what I caught on my cam (some of them)

  4. Thank you :) I will indeed check your pictures.
    Hey Be a member of this blog..

  5. Je vois que tu as une tres grande passion pour les photos.. Ton blog est tres original.. Bonne chancee
    Bizouxx :)

  6. very nice and organized article
    I enjoyed looking at the pics and the comments
    thank you Leen <3 U

  7. Looks like it was a great event! Love the tan pants with the black top, very chic. Just followed your blog, check out BEIRUT CHIC if you get the chance:

    Stay stylish,
    Angelica :)

  8. @LynnAbiad @Yara @RanaTabbara @Angelica Thank you so much for your support:)