Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion talks Vintage !

Fashion is like a vicious cycle. I bet you guys would laugh when you check your parent's or grandparent's pictures wearing clothes you'd never consider wearing ! Or while re-arraging your wardrobe thinking that you would use this or that piece of clothing some other time later on. Vintage is really the "it" concept nowadays. All of us has a dotted shirt in our closet, a vintage sunglasses, those round ones or the squared big ones, even the "dentelle clohing", that it so up-to-date that accesorizes your look without adding anything to it. I remember I used to laugh when my mom got me a dress and I was like what the hell mom do you want me to wear a garden on my skin with the flowers on ?! Well guess what people, classic outfits never dies.

P.S: Next on my agenda, is a street investigation. I'm gonna get out and take some pictures of nice outfits out there, I bet we Lebanese know how to sort clothes together ;)

I took these pictures for fun,nothing professional! Thanks to Ghenwa and Carole for the photoshoot :)


  1. You're so TALENTED ... All the Luck Leen :D