Saturday, December 24, 2011

Black Swan

I always get the feeling when I hear the name Black Swan something very dark, very mysterious and rock-ish. So I decided to go by this theme and do a photoshoot that is kinda rock-ish, very stylish tho! I mainly was inspired by those that you calll "groupies"(I'm not familiar with these names so no offense rock lovers :$ CC@NourRifai ). The combination of leather, denim, sculls,furr you can find it all in here..
P.S: Thank you Rawane and Carole for doing this photoshoot.
Hey and share with me your blogs folks !

Furr coat: Vintage

T-shirt: Splash

Dark red jeans: Zara


  1. j'adore la photo ou tu as les yeux fermés,la bouche rouge et un oeil caché par ta main!!le make up est fabuleux!!!go ahead!!

  2. C po moi mais c moi ki a fai le make up:)

  3. Le maquillage est sublime puis de sublime photo. Super la fourrure ;)

    Juste Ryma

  4. Ryma Merci :)
    J'attends que tu sois une membre;)

  5. magnifique sur ces photos ^^