Sunday, September 18, 2011

Un getaway

The perfect weather the perfect spot with the perfect people; what more could you ask for !

My friend Nadim Dabbous has a nice home in the mountains in chtoura.

The next thing you know we're in a bus having a nice barbecue !

A warm lunch, a little bit of soccer, volleyball and a cosy atmosphere, we end it up sleeping in the bus on our way back.

Rami and Nadim.

FYI;Nadim is one of my friends that travelled and if he'd be reading this so I wanna tell him that I miss him SO MUCH ! It's really weird not having him around all the time like the old days:(  

Rami and Nay.

Playing cards !

A little bit of soccer with the peeps !

I Love how we found this old car parked there; really vintage !

From left to right; Nay, Ghida, Me and Yara !

So tired, everyone took a cosy corner and just slept all the way back to Beirut !

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