Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter is that you?

Hello beautiful souls, 

So we're in January and all I keep hearing is my momma telling me that a huge wave of ice is coming Lebanon's way and that it is going to be freezing, and all I keep feeling is the beautiful sun shining over our beautiful city; Beirut.

And this is where I take advantage of the light to get out and stroll around our beautiful roads. 
Here portraying an awesome bomber from MANGO and a beautiful Stan Smith from FARFETCH. 


Black shirt: thrifted
Bomber: MANGO 
Jeans: ZARA
Shoes: ADIDAS Stan Smith 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Hello beautiful souls,

We finally said goodbye to 2016 (which had lots of ups and downs) and we are saying hello to 2017.
I hope everyone enjoyed their night and celebrated with their loved ones.

I had a night in at my friend's place, she hosted us at the mountains with some fun games and lots of warmth!

I wish you all the best for this year - Let's kick some ass!


High knee boots: POINTURE
Leather shorts: ZARA
Black shirt: KOTTON 
Accessories (two- piece choker and earrings): ZARA