Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pamper Yourself

Hey beautiful souls,
So in my previous posts I wrote about how one should never forget to take care of himself. I also mentioned that I will be speaking about this Salon I had the chance to go to; Salon Lychee in Koreitem.
If you did not read my previous post (which is a shame, loyal reader!) here is a reminder of what this is all about. So one day after work I get a call from someone interested in me, supposedly, telling me they want to meet me in their salon. At first I thought that was a joke and I asked the subject person to send me an email with all the details because I honestly thought someone was fooling me! A day later, I receive an email with them details. That person wasn’t fooling me at all. The deal was for me to pick a day and try their service, hoping they would get a review or so. I usually do not do this but because I was so overwhelmed with work and I thought it was an opportunity for me to go and relax a bit; I accepted the offer. And I communicated this to the manager; I was frank that I was going to turn their offer down, but I kind of used them if I might say.
So, I went there, I made sure I had an auditor’s skeptic mind and I scanned the whole place.
If you know me, you’d know I hate two things;
1-    How a girl needs a lotta maintenance (damn you guys!)
2-    How it takes forever for hairdressers, or beauticians to render you their service because they want to talk to “get to know you” when they’re either talking about their life or their colleagues.
Surprise: some girls that hang out at the Salon don’t really care about all this! They just wann get minimum maintenance and that’s it!
So I did. I made sure I get to know a little bit everyone to see the type of employees the owner has recruited.
This brings me to the employer. A very successful woman who left her career path without actually leaving it – for personal reasons – to open a business in Lebanon. With a bachelor and a masters in HR, Mrs. Maya Shatila leaves Emirates Airlines to open Salon Lychee. Effectively, she doesn’t let go of her domain and opens her own freelance small office as a travel agent here in Lebanon.
I honestly appreciated the fact that this woman always seeks education and a career development in her domain, but also has in parallel this place that she is nurturing and trying to accommodate with the new trends such as Social Media to grasp opportunities in the market.
I went there on a Saturday morning and enjoyed their balcony to be honest before starting anything, got to know the team and enjoyed talking to them. Another person worth mentioning is Mrs. Rania Zahnan; responsible for everything laser and co.
I tried their brushing, their nail bar and their makeup (with Dani, a must meet person!). The people are very kind; they want you to be happy with what you asked for and they are very professional! No gossips no nothing (although you’ll always have some people that would try to trigger you, I won’t lie. However they are way less than ones in normal oh girly girly salons)

Service rated: 8.5/10
Here are some shots I took of the salon.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

You First

This post is not really a style post. I want to share with you a personal incident and some other news. So here it goes. 

As I started my first job, it consumed me. I stayed late most of the times finishing tasks, and I neglected myself. The weekends are sacred but at the same time too little because I had to do all the stuff I didn't have time to do during the weekdays; catch up with friends (who are not upset because you don't see them all the time), the boy (which is now long gone) and taking care of myself (A girl has a lot to do for a minimum sharp and clean look if I might say! 

As a blogger, I get a lot of phone calls, come review our place come get free stuff etc. Who doesn't like free stuff but so far I never did any promotion to any place and got free stuff. I get a call though, from a lady, who doesn't seem to know what she's talking about. She goes like "I really like your blog journal". And then I was like okay, this person is surely not the one to be talking to me this is surely a joke. Then I took more details from her but it was still skeptic to me so I asked her to send me an email so it's documented. ( I wanted to know who's the person behind the phone, what's their signature; it can tell you a lot about a person!). It turns out that a Salon wanted me to come review their services. As I said before, I don't usually do that. But then again I thought to myself this is the perfect opportunity for me to take and actually convince myself to have some time off for pampering myself.

I remember I had one professor giving us "career advice" to work hard but smart. I kept this idea in mind but never knew what that really meant. Now that I'm actually living in this constant crazy rushy yet beautiful world of business; I know that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. So if you're reading this and you're a student or a working person; plan a day and take care of yourself. 

What do you enjoy doing? I recently went camping to a beautiful place in North Lebanon (You cab check my instagram account for pictures) and I went to Salon Lychee for some Beauty Treatments! 

I will talk all about this week on the blog because it is worth the read. So Make sure you stay posted.