Sunday, August 21, 2016

Instagram Diaries

Hello pretty souls!

I started off this blog with some inspirational posts and then went on with posting my own "What I Wore" posts. 

After almost two years of having this page still - I think it is only fair to start off again in baby steps. Here's my most recent instagram diary that I would like to share with you guys:) 

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Leather Meets Corporate

I mentioned in an earlier post that since I started working, my wardrobe evolved. I am now wearing more corporate looks than casual ones. Not that I don't like it or anything, it's kinda hard though keeping my game up! Why? Because these clothes are more expensive! I am not saying you can't find corporate pieces for low prices; you totally can, but you'd be trading-off for quality. In business, your appearance is key, you want to look sharp.

Here's a look that I would totally wear for work, but also staying trendy with this beautiful leather skirt. I feel like you took me out of a Suits' episode. Okay I will stop pretending this hahaha but I mean who doesn't want to look like Rachel? Right?

ANYWAY, I want to also mention my heels. They are super comfy and I can't believe I didn't get another pair to stock it:P Its heel is not so long; it's only right to wear it everyday and not come back at 7 pm from work massaging your feet from pain! I Love it.

What I wore

Whole look from ZARA

Let me know what you wear for work and what do you think about this outfit!